Be a friend of nature and do it stylish.

Cotton House Company was presented in July 2016. We are a truly family company that has been inspired to combine the traditions of quality Bulgarian textile industry with the fresh breeze of style and uniqueness in the accessories for beach and bath. Special contribution to the idea of launching our business have our children, so we afforded them a proper place in our collections.

Our Mission

The beach and the bathroom are places where we have fun, relax and recharge with positive energy, which is why we at Cotton House use only natural materials of highest quality. We strive every customer getting in contact with its Cotton House product to feel relaxed and comfortable. Natural materials are in every detail, including the labels. Each item has a little surprise hidden in the label that will make you smile and appreciate the choice you made. Last but not least, for you to feel special all Cotton House items are produced only in limited editions.

Our Philosophy

We at Cotton house appreciate fashion and stylish clothing and accessory, but we have also special relationship with nature and its preservation. We consider the use of personal beach towels, bathrobes and towels to be appropriate but not public ones that are offered in pool, spa or hotels. Yes, our stylish beach towels and bathrobes can take a little more space in your luggage, but you will be noted and at the same time you will contribute to the conservation of nature. The materials used for our products are 100% recyclable; do not forget this when you have to break up with your beloved Cotton House product sometime in future. Our labels are made from recycled paper with seeds for flowers. You can plant the label and get a beautiful small garden during spring times. You receive every Cotton House product in a stunning and functional reusable bag made of 100% cotton.

The happiness to feel stylish and comfortable at the same time.